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Notes for Private Events
Onsite Private Events can be arranged for any size group - subject to room availability. 


Large Party Reservations
Private Events
Small Pantry Events
Cooking Class Party
Offsite Catering
Contact Us:
206-632-4602 Ext 2,



Luncheons and Brunches at the Boat Street Kitchen & Bistro  


Private Lunches and Brunches may be scheduled for Monday through Saturday.  Sundays are not available. Monday through Friday events start between 11am and 1pm; Saturday events begin at 1pm.  (If this doesn’t work for you, consider a Private Evening Event, available every day of the week.)


Any size party may book a Private Lunch or a Private Brunch event, although when parties are small, the minimum cost makes it impractical to do this.  For those wishing to avoid the minimum cost, a Large Party Reservation or a Pick-Up Catering may be a better alternative.  




PICKUP CATERING (see Catering Guideline)



As an alternative, Small Parties (1-8) may book a regular reservation at   Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel.  




As an alternative, Large Parties (9 or more) may be able to book a Large Party Table by phone (206-632-4602). Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel. 


Some limitations apply to a Large Party Table.  These are listed below. 


Large Party Tables, as opposed to Private Events, do not incur a minimum charge.  However, we do have some limitations:


  1. Parties of up to 16 can usually be seated together.Parties over 16 sometimes require additional tables.

  2. We do not normally allow our guests to bring in decorations or flowers although you may attach up to three balloons to one of your chairs.

  3. Guests will need to be seated as soon as they arrive as there is no room for people to mill about.

  4. We will not take orders until all expected guests have arrived.

  5. You will need to take wrapping material away with you or we will dispose of it for a fee.

  6. Please remember that other guests are enjoying their lunch – loud or boisterous behavior is not appreciated.

  7. We are not able to create individualized checks.

  8. We are happy to split the charge between two cards.

  9. We charge a fee of $1 each if we need to run more than 2 credit cards in total so if you are booking an un-hosted event, it’s best to suggest that your guests bring cash.

  10. If you are hosting the event it is possible, on request, to offer your guests a fixed menu.With a fixed menu, there is a minimum for food and drink of $300; a minimum per person of $30; and you will be responsible for your guest count whether your guests attend or not.



Please inform your guests prior to your event so that they can make arrangements accordingly.


The above arrangement is not suitable for a traditional shower, wedding, anniversary, or other formal event that may take extra time, extra space, or extra service.  It is suitable for a business lunch, a business birthday, or a casual get-together with friends.


Large Parties of 9 or more must provide an advance MC/Visa number to hold the reservation.  Very large parties, or parties requesting a limited menu, require a proposal and a commitment to the number of guests booked.


Saturday Large Parties must be scheduled for 1pm and finish by 3:30pm.  Weekday Large Parties may be scheduled to start from 11am on but must finish by 2:30.


Extended Lunch/Brunch and Meetings:

For the above, if you are planning to hold a meeting or to linger beyond the usual 2 hours for lunch or brunch, please let us know.  There will be an additional fee.


Private dessert fees and corkage fees (if you bring your own dessert or wine) charges will apply.  See below.






General Information:  Private lunch events may be booked for any size party.  Seating will take place at one or more tables in the dining room we call the “Bistro” – that is the room with wooden floors and double doors.  The room will be reserved exclusively for your event.  On Saturdays, if you or your guests arrive early, the room may still be in use by prior diners.


Available Times:  Weekdays 11AM to 3:00PM; Saturdays 1PM-3:30PM.  Events are expected to last no more than 2 ½ hours.  If more time is needed, there will be a pro-rata charge of $100/hour.  In no case, may guests stay beyond the available times listed above.


Group Size:  1-45 guests


Minimum:  There is a minimum food and beverage cost of $1000 per event. 


Server Fee:  A $40 server fee will be added to the cost of food and beverage. This fee applies to the minimum.


Format:  Pre-planned lunches/brunches may be as simple as a buffet of assorted sandwiches and salad, or as elaborate as a multi-course plated meal.   True family style is not available although buffet style is available and some family style plates (such as a pastry selection) may be possible.


Decorating:  We provide flowers and candles as we see fit.  If you would like extra flowers, or flowers in a certain color range, please let us know.  We may be able to accommodate you at no extra cost.  Guests may not normally decorate the room although balloons, place cards, and guest gifts are allowed.  Confetti is not allowed.


Food Cost:  The food cost for a private lunch will be slightly higher than similar food ordered off the menu.  Prices begin at $35/person and usually range no higher than $55/person-

Tax:  10.1%

Automatic Gratuity: 20% - you may add or subtract from this.


Beverage Costs:  Billed at our usual restaurant prices.


Dessert Charge:  If you bring in your own dessert there will be a fee of $2.50/person.  If you order a dessert from us but bring in additional treats to be taken home, the Dessert Charge will NOT apply.


Corkage fee is $18/bottle; 4 bottle maximum.


Other Fees:  Other fees related to the cleanup of excessive wrapping, decorations, etc. may apply.   These are very rare; the charge is $50/bag.


Shower/Planner/Bridal Events and Tour Groups:

If a bridal shower, a baby shower, an event involving a planner, or any similar event is to take place at the Boat Street, we must be informed in advance.  There will be a fee of $100-$200 depending on the size and complexity of the event.  This fee helps cover the extra time, labor, planning, and cleanup that go into such a party.  These fees do NOT apply to birthdays, anniversaries, and get-togethers.


Custom Menus:

Please let us know if you would like to work out a Custom Menu.  Custom Menus are typically used for more formal events such as important meetings, holiday parties, weddings, anniversaries, or a baptism celebration, etc.   Alternatively, you can choose a traditional lunch menu including items that we make everyday such as soup, sandwiches, salads, dessert, etc.

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