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Notes for Private Events
Onsite Private Events can be arranged for any size group - subject to room availability. 


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Boat Street Kitchen & Bistro



The Boat Street is available for private lunch, brunch, cooking classes, cocktail parties, and dinner events throughout the year.  Information about booking a Private Event follows:


Cost:  The basic cost of an event is food per person, drinks consumed, tax and tip.  


Event Room:  Private dinner events take place in a dining room reserved exclusively for your use.  Flowers, candles, and menus are included in the price of your event. 


Capacity:  On Friday, and Saturday evenings, up to 54 guests may be seated unless there is a buyout, in which case, up to 95 guests may be seated.  On Sunday-Thursday, up to 95 guests may be seated without a buyout.  During the day, up to 54 guests may be seated and no buyout is available.


We are able to rearrange our Private Event space to attractively accommodate any size group -- from 8 up to our maximum.


Available Start Times:  5:30PM to 9PM.  All events must end by 1 AM.  Events are scheduled to last no more than 3 hours but may continue beyond their scheduled time if you like.  If extra time is needed, there will be a prorated charge of $100/hour.  Events that last past 11:30PM will also incur an additional $200 ‘late night’ charge.


Liquor:              We automatically offer beer and wine but special arrangements must be made if you would like to offer hard alcohol – both mixed drinks and a limited selection of cocktails. On request, digestives and hard cider are also available. ‘Bring your own’ wine is allowed with a corkage fee.  ‘Bring your own’ beer and hard alcohol are not allowed.  These may be purchased as part of your event.


Liquor Cost: You may buy beer and wine at our regular price, or have us order a special wine, or you may bring your own wine for a $19/750ml (standard bottle size) corkage fee.  Please note that if you bring more than 4 bottles of your own wines, we will adjust the tip to the equivalent of your having purchased your wines from us (at approximately $28/bottle).  Bottles that we are asked to chill and handle, but which are not consumed, will be returned to you at a charge of $5/bottle. Mixed drinks and cocktails are billed at our usual restaurant prices.  Our catering wines are $28/bottle and represent good value.  Almost all events serve catering wines.


Room Cost:  At least one dining room is always provided without a room fee.  If you have over 54 guests, (Sunday-Thursday only) you will automatically have the use of two rooms with no additional charge.  Or, if you buyout the restaurant (Fri-Sat only), you will also have the use of both dining rooms.  If your group fits into one dining room (Sun-Thurs) but you prefer to use both dining rooms and both are available, there will be an added charge of $300 which does not apply to the minimum. 


Music:  We will play recorded jazz or other appropriate music or you may provide your own appropriate ‘IPOD’ music.  Under some circumstances, we may allow you to play live music at your event, but this must be pre-arranged with us and it must appear in your Proposal.


Smoking:  Smoking is not allowed inside the building or in our courtyard or ramp.


Use of the Courtyard:  In some circumstances, you may use part, or all, of the courtyard.  This must be pre-arranged with us and it must appear in your Proposal.


Dancing:  The Boat Street is not a suitable venue if the Boat Street is open for general business.  There is a $300 fee if indoor dancing takes place.  There is no fee for outdoor dancing.


Visual Presentations:  You may bring in a projector, screen, and other visual presentation paraphernalia but this must be arranged in advance and must appear on your proposal.  


Other Charges:  The charge for ‘bring your own desserts’ is an additional $2.50/person.  Other charges are added for cooking demonstration, wedding and shower events, the use of an event planner, and over-time. These are detailed below.


Minimum:  A minimum food and wine cost applies to both lunch and dinner - (for lunches, see separate document ‘Lunches and Brunches at the Boat Street’)


Tax:     Private Events are taxed at the same rate as restaurant dining, that is 10.1%


Gratuity:  For your convenience, a 20% gratuity is automatically added to all Private Events.  You may add or subtract from it on request.


Payment:  Customers must provide a MC/Visa credit card number in advance of their event.

After the event, you will be sent a final invoice by e-mail.  Once you have examined the bill and given your approval, you may send a check or your card will be run.  We do not offer terms.


Final event invoices are usually provided the week following an event.  Charge payments should be submitted and checks should be sent within seven days after we e-mail your invoice.  Usually, if payment is not arranged within ten days following invoice date, the charge card, previously provided, will be charged any outstanding amounts.  Additional time will be allowed for those who will be away immediately following their event. 


Discounts:  For events taking place in 2019, we offer a 1.25% discount on checks mailed within 7 days of billing.  We cannot make any exception to these dates.


Booking an Event:  When you express interest in a date for an event, we will reserve it for you.  This means that if someone else also expresses interest in the same date, you will be given first right of refusal.  If you decide that the Boat Street is not the venue for you, we appreciate your letting us know as soon as possible.


Confirming a Date:  When you are sure that you want to proceed with your event, you must confirm the date by giving us a MC/Visa credit card number.  Events booked more than 60 days out, will also require a $100 non-refundable deposit, provided by check.  Once your date is confirmed, you are responsible for the following cancellation fees:


Cancellation:  In the event that you need to cancel your event you may do so by speaking to a person directly, by phone or by e-mail:   Phone messages using voice mail will not be accepted.  When we receive a cancellation request, we will immediately issue you a cancellation e-mail.  Until you receive that e-mail, your event is not canceled and fees will apply.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you receive the e-mail.


Cancellation fees for your event will be as follows:



  1. up to 10 days prior –  no charge

  2. 7-9 days prior -  25% of the minimum fee plus tax

  3. 3-6 days prior – 50% of the minimum fee plus tax

  4. 1-2 days prior – 75% of the estimated cost, plus 10% service charge, plus tax

  5. less than 24 hours notice – 100% of the estimated cost plus 20% service charge, plus tax.



Daytime Events (Lunch and Brunch)


Sundays:  Please note that we no longer book Private Lunch/Brunch events on Sundays.    

However, we do accept reservations for parties of up to 16, and in some cases, greater than 16.  You can book a party of up to 8 by going to our website  Parties greater than 8 must be booked by phone.


Information for Large Parties, Not Booked as a Private Event: 

  1. Parties of 9 or more require a credit card to confirm their reservation.

  2. We Do Not normally allow decorations or flowers but we Do Allow up to 3 balloons, place cards, and party favors.

  3. We will not take orders until all expected guests have arrived.

  4. We are Child Friendly but due to space, have no highchairs and recommend that guests bring boosters.

  5. If there will be presents, wrapping materials must be taken away.

  6. Unfortunately we are not able to create individual checks although we are happy to split charge between two cards.

  7. If guests will be paying, please advise them to bring cash to avoid an extra $1/person charge.

  8. Please remember that other guests are enjoying their lunch – loud or boisterous behavior is not appreciated.



Saturdays and Weekdays: Weekday Lunch/Brunch events are available Mon-Fri, starting between 10:30AM and 2:30PM.  However, all Saturday Lunch/Brunch events must start at 1PM.  Information about weekday and Saturday Private Lunch/Brunch Events is detailed in a separate document. Please ask, if you would like a copy.



Evening Events


Cooking Class Party


Private Cooking Class Events may be booked for parties of 8 or more.  If you have fewer in your party, you will be charged the minimum cost.  If your party is over 16, then it will be held in the dining room.  If your party is 16 or under, your class will likely be held in the kitchen. Classes are 3 to 3.5 hours in duration and include appetizers, up to 2/3 bottle of wine per person, recipes, a hands-on cooking class, and a full sit-down dinner.  The cost is $100/person plus tax and gratuity.  The minimum is $800 before tax and tip.


If you have only a small number of people, or you are looking for a casual but really fun event, cooking classes are the answer.  The meal is very similar to those prepared for the dining room but you do the work and have the fun. 


The class menu will be tailored to suit your taste.



Demonstration Cooking Class Event


Demonstration Cooking Classes, as an add-on to dinners or cocktail parties, may also be booked for an additional charge.  These will be arranged to take place during the standing appetizer hour.  The usual charge is $100/demonstrated item.  The event demonstrations will be tailored to suit your taste and to co-ordinate with your dinner menu.




Classic Dinner with Wine and Cocktail Hour


Minimum:  There is a minimum charge for food and beverage (before tax and gratuity) that is based on the day of the week and the time of the year.


Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday $1800

All Other Dates and Days of the Week $1600

Holidays – no upcharge at present


Format:  Guests begin with an hour of standup wine and cocktails (if offered) while grazing on a large assortment of appetizers.  This is followed by a sit-down three-course dinner.  Service may be buffet style, full service, or for an extra charge and when the menu permits, family style.


Food Cost/person:

Dinner – All Classic Dinners include appetizers, soup or salad, a choice of two entrées, and a choice of two desserts.  The price difference relates to the number of entrée options offered at the table with most events costing either $79 or $87 per person.  Two entrees with guests pre-selecting are $79/person; two entrees with guests selecting at the table are $87.  Each additional entrée option adds $10/person.  There is a surcharge for Dungeness Crab and raw Oysters. There is an extra charge of $5/person per item to add additional appetizer and dessert options or additional courses.  However, these are rarely added.  For most events the charge is either $79 or $87. 


There is no charge for up to 3 vegetarians (in addition to offered entrees) and for accommodating all food restrictions.


Food Selection:

Since the price of your event is not dependent on which foods you choose, you can have almost anything you’d like.  Once you confirm your event, you will work with the Boat Street to select a menu that suits you, your guests, and the season.  There is no list to pick from but we often provide a few popular suggestions to use as a starting point.


Classic Receptions and Cocktail Parties


Minimum:  There is a minimum charge for food and beverage (before tax and gratuity) that is based on the day of the week and the time of the year.


Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday $1800

All Other Dates and Days of the Week $1600


Format:  Standup Grazing with appetizers presented buffet style.  Most seating will be removed depending on your preference and the size of the group.


Food costs for appetizer events begin at $45/person (light afternoon items) and range up to $75/person.  The cost is dependent on the food selected, the time of day, and the number of guests.  The typical appetizer cost is $60/person for heavy appetizers.


Food Selection:

We will start by recommending a few menus that are suitable for your group size and taste.  Then, you can revise and replace items to personalize your event.



Weekday Supper Buffet


This is a new type of event suitable for casual business meetings and group get-togethers.  Supper Buffets begin at 6:00pm and end at 8:30.  Overtime is not available and all guests must leave promptly by 8:30.    


Minimum:  Sunday - Thursday $1300 minimum for food and drink.


Format:  Immediate seating with limited appetizers already on the table along with open bottles of wine for self-pouring.  Salad is served at 6:30, followed by a buffet dinner, and a buffet dessert with coffee and tea. 


Food Cost: for Supper Buffet event will be $60/person. Cater wines will be billed at $28/bottle.  Cocktails are not available.  Non-alcoholic drinks will be billed at restaurant prices. 


Food Selection:  Supper Buffet menus are fixed and will change seasonally.  All will offer a meat, a fish, and vegetarian options.



Weekday Wine Break

French Basque Pintxos or Classic French Appetizers


This is a new type of event suitable for casual weekday business and group get-togethers.  Weekday Wine Break parties begin at 6:00 pm and end at 8:00 pm.  The price is all inclusive providing up to 2/3 bottle of wine per person and either Pintxos (Basque bar snacks) or classic French appetizers.  Cocktails are not available although a wine based drink will be offered along with regular wine – Kalimotxo (a dreadful sounding wine and coke mix) with Pintxos and Kir with Classic French Appetizers.  If the maximum allotted wine is consumed, additional wine may be purchased or the bar may be closed – at your discretion.


Minimum:  Sunday – Thursday $1300 minimum for food and drink.


Format:  Standing event with some, but not all seating removed.  French appetizers will be served at a buffet table with wine and spritzers. Pintxos will be served at the bar as they come out of the kitchen.  Wine and wine drinks may be pre-poured with refills and wine drinks poured by a server.


Food Cost: Inclusive $60/person unless the allotted wine has been consumed.  In this case, the host may ask us to close the bar or purchase additional wine at $28/bottle.



Weddings and Wedding Receptions


Weddings – If a wedding or wedding reception is to take place, we must be informed in advance.  There will be a Wedding Fee of $1600-$1800 depending upon the size and complexity of the wedding event.  This fee helps cover the extra labor, planning, flowers, etc. that go into a successful wedding party.  In addition, in order to tip the extra staff needed for a wedding, we will automatically add a gratuity of 25%.  This may be changed on request. I will be happy to discuss the necessity for these fees with you in person.


Non-Wedding - We are sometimes asked to waive the Wedding Fee.  If you prefer a simple reception which does not involve flowers, decoration, extra time, or an extra level of service, and if gifts, cake, and wedding attire are not involved, you may book a “Rehearsal Dinner” instead of a Wedding Event.  You will have a warm, delicious, private dinner, but it will not be equivalent to a Wedding Reception.  This is most suitable for small, private, family weddings.


*Extra charges DO NOT APPLY to rehearsal dinners, wedding showers, or other wedding related events.    


Evening Showers


Baby Showers and Wedding Showers – If a shower is to take place, we must be informed in advance.  All wrappings must be removed from the premise after the event or you may pay an additional $50 disposal fee.


Use of Independent Event Planner


If an event is booked by a third party such as an event planner or a promotions firm, we must be informed in advance.  There will be a minimum $300 third party fee.  If the planning of the event is extensive or requires special consideration beyond food, additional fees will apply.

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