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Notes for Pantry Events
Pantry Events are suitable for small groups needing a casual but private space. This can include food or meeting space only.


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The PANTRY is a casual kitchen space that we often use for cooking classes.  This space is private and is suitable for casual events such as work meetings, informal shower events, and informal brunch events.

Events booked in the Pantry will be organized as well as possible and will have the same flowers and table settings as the Boat Street dining rooms.  The room will hold up to 24 individuals - using miscellaneous chairs, stools, stainless work tables and wooden tables. Make sure that you are satisfied with this arrangement before you finalize your event.  If you like, please come and see it first hand.

Private Pantry event food is served buffet style by a chef/server who will make dishes, provide drinks, answer questions, and clear dishes.  However, service is limited and guests are expected to serve themselves.  If you need a higher level of service, please ask.  A server may be available for an additional fee.


Available Event Start Times:  Food events must start between 11am and 1pm and are expected to last no more than 2 ½ hours.  If more time is needed, there will be a charge of $75/hour. 

Meeting Start Times:  Meeting events may start anytime after 10am, are expected to last no more than 5 hours, and must conclude by 4 pm.  No impromptu service will be available.  Any food and beverages must be arranged in advance.


Group Size:  1-24 guests


Minimum Charge for Food and Beverage:  There is a minimum food and beverage cost of $300, or  a minimum charge of $25/person plus drinks, whichever is greater, per event.

Minimum Charge for Meeting Space:  There is a minimum charge of $200 or $15/person, whichever is greater, for meeting space for up to 5 hours.  If a meal is served, the cost will be in addition to that of the meeting space. 

Meeting Space Snacks:  A meeting space buffet consisting of self-serve coffee, tea, water, cookies, fruit, bread, and cheese can be purchased in advance at $8/person.  This will not be adequate to serve as lunch.


Chef Fee:  There is no chef fee. 

Format:  Brunch is usually planned as a very limited selection of egg dishes, possibly prepared to order, pastries, meat, side dishes, and dessert.  Lunch is usually planned as a limited starter/meat or fish/side dish or vegetarian dish/salad and dessert.  Sandwiches, soups, and salads are also available.


Decorating:  We provide flowers and candles as we see fit.  If you would like extra flowers, or flowers in a certain color range, please let us know.  We may be able to accommodate you at no extra cost.  Guests may not normally decorate the room although balloons, place cards, and guest gifts are allowed.


Food Cost:  The food cost for a brunch/lunch pantry events will be slightly higher than similar food ordered off the menu.  Prices begin at $25/person and usually range no higher than $50/person for a high end lunch.

Tax:  10.1%

Automatic Gratuity: 20%  You may add to or subtract from this.


Beverage Costs:  Billed at our usual restaurant prices.


Dessert Charge:  If you bring in your own dessert there will be a fee of $2.50/person.  If you order a dessert from us but bring in additional treats to be taken home, the Dessert Charge will NOT apply.


Corkage fee is $18/bottle; 4 bottle maximum.


Other Fees:  Other fees related to the cleanup of excessive wrapping, decorations, etc. may apply.   The usual charge is $50/bag.


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