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The Boat Street Mission



Over its 20 plus years of existence, in both of its locations, the Boat Street has remained true to its original mission, striving to create an all natural place that on some level feels ‘real’ to our customers and reflects the values of its owners.

For that reason, we are what we are and also what we were – a cinder block building with cement floors, an outside patio, and a very basic kitchen... a place related to nature through the use of stone, cement, wood, plants, and natural color – a place that adapts easily and that can accommodate both the most casual and the most elegant diner. Our windows open, our patio has real plants and trees, our flowers are in season, our candles are real, our decorations are modest, and our tables are made of stone.  

Our food is similarly simple - based on concepts inherent in French rustic cooking – using ingredients that are fresh and unadulterated, rarely exotic, and always delicious.  We make food that is reliable, easy to like, easy to understand and that has its feet in history.  Our intention is to provide an everyday sense of security, timelessness, ease, and comfort... and occasionally surprise.


Our ultimate goal is to please, delight, and charm you, our customer – so that you leave happier than when you arrived and so that you look forward to a return visit.


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