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Notes for Large Party Reservations
When a private space is not needed, a Large Party Reservation may be suitable. However, there are some restrictions.


Large Parties in the Dining Room
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Boat Street Kitchen & Bistro



If you do not need a Private Space, the Boat Street accepts large party reservations both during the day and at dinner.  However, because we are small, and we want all of our guests to enjoy themselves, we do have a number of limitations. 

  • Parties of up to 16 can usually be seated together.  Parties over 16 sometimes require additional tables.

  • We do not normally allow our guests to bring in decorations or flowers although we do allow up to three balloons, place cards, and party favors.

  • If you bring your own dessert to consume at the restaurant, there is a charge of $2.50/person.

  • Guests will need to be seated as soon as they arrive as there is no room for people to mill about.

  • We will not take orders until all expected guests have arrived.

  • We are child friendly, but due to space, have no highchairs and recommend that guests bring boosters.

  • Please remember that other guests are enjoying their lunch – loud or boisterous behavior is not appreciated.

  • We are not able to create individualized checks, although we are happy to split the total charge between two cards.

  • We charge a fee of $1 each if we need to run more than 2 credit cards in total.

  • If there will be presents, wrapping materials must be taken away.


Please inform your guests prior to your event so that they can make arrangements accordingly.  It is usually best to bring cash.


The above arrangement is not suitable for a traditional shower, wedding, anniversary, or other formal event that may call for extra time, extra space, or extra service.  It is suitable for a business lunch, a business birthday, or a casual get-together with friends.


Large Parties of 9 or more require a non-refundable deposit of $10 by MC/Visa over the phone, to confirm the event. This fee will be applied to the final charge for the group.


In addition, on Sundays, Large Parties may be scheduled no earlier than 1:00pm.  On weekdays and Saturdays, Large Parties may be scheduled earlier.  Please ask to determine if this is possible on the date you have in mind.

Lastly, please keep in mind that large parties are a challenge for the kitchen and expect slower service.  We apologize in advance but again, we are small.


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