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Notes for Cooking Classes
Hands-on Cooking Classes can be arranged for groups of 8-24 on any evening. Demonstration Classes can be held both in the evening or daytime, for any size party.


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Boat Street Kitchen & Bistro



Cooking Class Party

Boat Street Kitchen & Bistro offers both Hands-on Cooking Class Parties, or limited Hands-on Demonstrations.

Boat Street Hands-On Cooking Class Party

Cooking Class Parties may be booked for parties of 8 or more.  If your party is over 16, then it will be held in the dining room.  If your party is 16 or under, your class will likely be held in the kitchen. Classes are 3 to 3.5 hours in duration and include:



Up to 2/3 bottle of wine per person


A hands-on cooking class

A full sit-down dinner 

​The cost is $100/person plus tax and gratuity.


If you have only a small number of people, or you are looking for a casual but really fun event, cooking classes are the answer.  The meal is very similar to those prepared for the dining room but you do the work and have the fun.  


The class menu will be tailored to your taste and preference.  It's fine if you'd prefer a mostly social event, and fine if you all want to focus on cooking techniques.   Just let us know in advance.


Boat Street Hands-on Cooking Demonstration

Boat Street Cooking Demonstrations are limited in scope, generally take place during the day, and generally conclude with each guest taking home two sample Items from the class.  This type of class usually focuses on something portable, making three to five different version.  Demonstrations range from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.  

Demonstrations include:

An appetizer and a cold drink or glass of wine

Cooking demonstration with optional participation



2 Samples to Take Home


The cost is $50/person, with a minimum of 16 people or $800. 

Boat Street demonstrations are not suitable for hard core cooks but will provide some novel ideas that can be easily used at home.  Focus items might include:

dessert sauces (eg  hot fudge, caramel, strawberry balsamic, honey butter)

savory sauces (eg  harissa, muhammara, pistachio mint, creme fraiche, piquillo pepper)

meat and fish rubs

cookies (flourless chocolate, meringue mushrooms, shortcake, lace, almond)

appetizers (sardine rillette, pork rillette, herbed cheese, bacon dates, paprika shortcake) 



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