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Notes for Catered Events
Offsite Catered Events can be arranged for any size group - and can include food only, food-delivery-and setup, or full service.


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Offsite Catering
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Boat Street Kitchen & Bistro





The Boat Street Kitchen offers custom catering.  Each menu is created especially for you and is designed so that the foods presented work well together.  We adhere to the Boat Street style so that our presentations are usually rustic, and our food is somewhat French. 


Regardless of price, you will have enough food, and it will be delicious.


Off-site catering is generally less expensive than having a private event at the Boat Street for small events but more expensive for larger events.


We offer four options for off-site catering:


1 Ready to Go:  We make your food and you pick it up, ready to heat, either on our platters or in disposable packaging.  If you use our platters, you will need to return them within two days.  There is no charge for the loan.  The gratuity will be 10%.


2 Setup and Delivered:  We make your food, deliver it along with flowers, and set it up in your kitchen or on your buffet table.  If there are logistics problems we help solve them.  Your place is left attractive and ready for your event.  This works best when you are having a buffet. the gratuity will be 20%.


We normally use our own platters unless you prefer to use your own. If you do use our platters, you will need to return them within two days.  There is no charge for the loan.  If the borrowed items are not returned by the agreed upon date, we will bill your credit card for their replacement.  There is a delivery/setup fee starting at $250 and up, depending on the distance required and the work involved.  The gratuity will be 20% except for weddings where it is 25%.


3. Full Service:  We handle rentals, make your food, deliver it, set it up, and remain on site to refresh food, serve it if required, pour drinks, and clean up.  We charge for rentals at cost.  We charge for personnel from time of leaving the Boat Street until time of return.   Setup and cleanup usually take between 1.5 and 3 hours in total.  The gratuity will be 20% except for weddings where it is 25%..

4. Cooked on Site:  For small intimate parties, we are able to cook onsite, in addition to providing full service.


The Cost of off-site catering will always include:





Additional costs would include: Drinks, Delivery/Setup, Personnel, Flowers and Miscellaneous, and Rentals.  Weddings will be charged an additional Wedding Fee based on the size and complexity of the event.  Events that involve an independent planner will also be charged an additional Planner Fee.


The minimum for a “Ready to Go” event is $300.  The minimum for a Setup and Delivered Event or a Full Service Event is $1000 for food alone.


Food Cost is dependent on number of guests, ingredients, and complexity.


Examples follow:

A simple supper for 20 would range from $40 to $55/person

A simple appetizer party for 50 might range from $35 to $40 per person.

A heavy appetizer party for 50 might range from $40 to $65 per person

A sit-down dinner including appetizers, soup, salad, dinner, and dessert, for 50, would range from $70 to $90 per person.  The same dinner for 12 people might range from $90 to $125 per person.


For party guests over 100, please ask me for special pricing. 


Service Cost is dependent on the number of servers required and the hours worked.


Servers are billed at $35/hour throughout 2017.  Manager/Cooks are billed at $40/hour throughout 2017.  A typical party for 25, lasting three hours, requires two servers for a total of 10 hours, unless you are located at a distance.  This would cost approximately $350.


Delivery and Setup are charged whenever we deliver food, even if in the general proximity of the Boat Street.

Delivery and setup fees start at $250; if the delivery is local, the fee is rarely above $350.


Flowers and Misc.   When we Deliver and Setup or Stay On Site, there is usually a Flowers and Misc. charge.  This might range from $150 to $250 and covers odds and end items. 


Rentals:  We use Abbey Party Rents for our rentals.  You Do Not need to be home during delivery and pickup.  The Abbey Party Rents delivery fee is $60.  The following are estimates: tableware (knives, forks, spoons, plates, bowls, cups, etc) - .45 cents apiece, napkins - 65 cents, and tablecloths  $12.  You will need at least 3 glasses per person – 2 for wine and 1 for water, beer, and non-alcoholic drinks.


Weddings and Wedding Receptions:  Weddings – If a wedding or wedding reception is to take place, we must be informed in advance.  There will be a Wedding Fee of $1600-$1800 depending upon the size and complexity of the wedding event.  This fee helps cover the extra labor, planning, flowers, etc. that go into a successful wedding party.  In addition, we charge an automatic 25% gratuity, instead of the usual 20% gratuity.  I would be happy to discuss the necessity for these fees with you in person.


*These charges DO NOT APPLY to rehearsal dinners, showers, or other wedding related events.


Showers:  Baby Showers and Wedding Showers – If a shower is to take place, we must be informed in advance.  There will be a $60 shower fee.  All wrappings must be removed from the premise after the event or you may pay an additional $50 disposal fee.


Use of Independent Event Planner: If an event is booked by a third party such as an event planner or a promotions firm, we must be informed in advance.  There will be a minimum $300 third party fee.  If the planning of the event is extensive or requires special consideration beyond food, additional fees will apply.

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