Monday, February 1st, 2021

Me Dor, a brand new restaurant opened today, in our old space...

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To all of you...


May this year be better.



Sadly, as many of you know, the Boat Street Kitchen has closed permanently, although Boat Street in France soldiers on and, perhaps sometime in the coming year, you will be able to visit.


In the meantime, we have some news.  The Boat Street was bought by some

brave souls at the end of 2020.  The name of their endeavor is Me Dor, which suggests a yearning for something, which I imagine to be home,

and its initials "M D" stand for Moldova.


The cuisine promises to be Modern European, but from what we've seen, and what we hope to be true, it will have its roots in Moldovan cuisine, similar to the way that Boat Street was rooted in France.  We haven't tried their food yet, but we have great hopes.  It's now time to give them a call.  Just call our number, and press 2 to forward to Me Dor.



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